INQ2-23-IBM Sterling B2B Integrator. Upgrade Compatibility

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IBM Sterling B2B Integrator. Upgrade Compatibility.

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This article describes upgrade scenarios and supported upgrade paths for IBM Sterling B2B Integrator.
Always check upgrade compatibility before planning an upgrade.
To upgrade the IBM Sterling B2B Integrator environment to a higher version, choose a version compatible with the existing version. In general, you must upgrade to a version that is released after the existing version.
For example:

  • Upgrade from v5.2.6.3_6 (release date July-2018) to v6.0.0.0 (release date August-2018) – Compatible
  • Upgrade from v5.2.6.3_9 (release date February 2019) to v6.0.0.0 (release date August-2018) – Not compatible

Note: The release date of each version is available in the Release Timeline illustration.
Refer to Sterling B2B Integrator System Requirements for detailed information on JDK versions in IBM B2B Integrator releases.

Previous Releases: If you are on any of the following versions, you can upgrade to any of the latest versions as illustrated in the Upgrade Matrix below.

  • 5.2.5_19 or earlier versions
  • all versions
  • or earlier versions
  • or earlier versions
  • or earlier versions

Upgrade Paths: The chart below lists the compatible upgrade paths for IBM B2B Integrator releases.

Note: From 6.1 onward, there is no intermediate upgrade path, which means customer can directly upgrade to fix pack
without installing corresponding base/Mod.
For Example, 
For a 5263_16 customer to upgrade to 6104, it’s a one step upgrade. Customer can directly upgrade to 6104.
For 5263_16 customer to upgrade to 6035, they must first upgrade to 603 and then apply the 6035 fix pack.

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