What’s new in 6120

Integration News

What's new in Sterling B2B Integrator

New features.

Following new features are specific to IIM release:

  • Apache log4j 1.x is removed and now we are using Apache log4j 2.17.2. However, you may still find Apache log4j 1.x references in various places which should be ignored. For details, refer to Known Issues.
  • OOB admin users will be prompted to change their password with new install.

Note: It is not applicable for upgraded setup.

  • B2B Mail Client Adapter is now enhanced to access Microsoft Exchange Online with OAuth 2.0.

Following new features are specific to IIM release:

  • Support for Linux® on PowerLE (ppc64le) architecture.
  • Separate container image for the database setup job.
  • Support for configuring init container for external resources such as db driver jar, jce policy, standards jar, SEAS integration jars and so on. 
  • Support for Performance Tuning Wizard updates by using the tuning jar utility.
  • API auto scaling enhancements and performance improvements. 
  • Support for restricted security context in Red Hat OpenShift. 
  • Support for form view deployment with explicit license acceptance from the Red Hat OpenShift Developer Catalog.
  • Certified Container support for Oracle CDB. 
  • Auto-configuration of GC Policy. 
  • Certified container support for integrations with MQ Operators and CD certified container. 
  • Support for overriding Liberty server.xml and jvm options parameters. 
  • Support for pre-defined Persistent Volume Claim (PVC) for resources, logs, and documents. 
  • Support for restart cluster via configuration. 
  • Enhanced security with out of the box deny all external ingress and egress network policies with option to define additional custom policies. 
  • Support for Integrating with EFK Logging Stack on OpenShift.

Stack updates

New security fixes and following stack upgrades are introduced in this release:

  • Support for WebSphereMQ v9.2.0.5 is introduced in this release.
  • log4j – 2.17.2
  • Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform:
    • Version 4.8.0 or later fixes 
    • Version 4.10.0 or later fixes
  • Kubernates >= 1.22 and <= 1.25
  • Helm >= 3.9

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